Tansley Associates Environmental Sciences Inc.

Our Company Is Committed To Propane and Natural Gas Safety

(TAES) Has a mission to create an environment of continual improvement in all aspects of odorant distribution. TAES will maintain its position as a leader in developing and implementing sustainable odorization solutions for the natural gas and propane industry.

“Natural gas and Propane global proliferation is contingent on (SAFETY) Odorization”
Tansley Associates Distributes Odorants in Canada, Western USA and Mexico

● Head Office, Calgary, Alberta, Canada
● Shop and Bulk Storage, Bowden Alberta, Canada
● TAES has 45 years of experience dealing with odorant for propane and natural gas
● Global Odorization Solutions

Product Offerings

● Bulk propane and natural gas odorant, masking agents, enzymes for odor elimination, bypass and wick odorizers
● Transportable odorant pressure vessel leasing 5 usg – 6000 usg

Service Offerings

● Third party odorization audits, spill planning, pipeline leak detection and pickling
● Contract small volume deliveries
● Odorant pressure vessel decommissioning, transportation, deodorization and destruction
● Vapor control systems

THE FUTURE OF ODORIZATION IS HERE for more details contact Kathleen Tansley 403-710-4406


We are always looking for the right people to fulfill our needs as a growing company. Review our current opportunities and let us know if you are the right person for the Tansley team.

Current Opportunities

● Global service provider partners required
● Gas Fitter [Class A / Class B] | Information | Apply
● Odorant Technician [Entry Level] | Information | Apply
● Not seeing a title that suits you? Send us your resume and we will try to find the right fit for you.