Choosing an Odorizer

It becomes necessary for any oil and natural gas company involved in exploration and drilling of wells to choose the correct odorizer and its system. This is very important to prevent any untoward incident taking place at the well site as natural gas and propane are hazardous and can go undetected at times. There are three main factors deciding the size and design of the Odorization system that you need to deploy at the site of your project.

  • At what rate is the gas flowing in the system which you want to odorize (it is mentioned in SCF/hour)
  • At what pressure is your system operating (it is mentioned in PDI)
  • At what time intervals do you need to refill your odorizer tank( normally clients need to get their Odorization tank filled 2-3 times in a year)

In many instances, it has been found that customers are not sure if the odorizing system they have put in place is working satisfactorily or not. This could be potentially very hazardous for the employees as they are under the impression that the presence of natural gas and propane will be easily detected at the site where they are working. Your uncertainty about the efficacy of your Odorization system can prove very costly for your employees. To be hundred percent sure whether your system is working or not, call Tansley Associates today to set up an audit at your site. We will carry out this Odorization audit and demonstrate if your system is working or not. We will also help you in choosing the Odorization system best suited to your requirements and install it at your site. Our Odorization plants are known for their high quality and efficiency. Do not take risk and jeopardize the safety of your workers. Make your move and get the best odorizing system from us today.

Odorizer Maximum Reservoir
Capacity in LBS
Maximum Reservoir
Capacity in USG
Maximum Gas Flow
(SCF Per Hour)
Maximum Design
Pressure (PSI)
4W 4 0.59 5000 1000
1B 15 2.22 150,000 1000
3B 95 14 750,000 1000
5B 203 30 1,500,000 1000
6B 373 55 4,500,000 1000
Pump Injection No Restrictions No Restrictions No Restrictions No Restrictions