Tansley Associates Environmental Engineering

Drilling Waste Management Services from TAES

Management of waste produced by drilling is one of the most crucial aspects of the project for any oil and gas company. TAES has a huge reservoir of experience in dealing with the problem of drilling waste disposal. In fact, the company has a unique and different drilling waste disposal plan up its sleeve for its clients depending upon their circumstances and requirements. It is a well thought out plan that is made after collection and analysis of detailed information about the project. It contains all this information in a document that includes not just contact names and numbers of important personnel but also information about logistics at all times. It is done to make sure there are no hurdles during the execution of the waste management plan.

Salient features of drilling waste disposal management plan

  • Sampling and assessment of drilling products and cuttings
  • Liaisoning services with the land owner
  • Help in securing permit for water access and diversion
  • Services for land spraying during and after drilling (referred to as LWD and LAD)
  • Sump suitability, sampling, and disposal for the purpose of mixing/burying, and providing cover
  • Applications for landfills

TAES maintains a truck fleet especially to increase the efficacy of its drilling waste disposal programs. Huge reservoir of experience of removing drilling waste from other sites comes handy for our clients who receive streamlined services and that too at very reasonable prices. In fact, we have a cost effective pricing structure for drilling waste disposal for our clients.

Fluid waste management during hydrocarbon drilling

Directive 050 contains guidelines for soil and groundwater remediation (AEW Tier 1). We make sure that hydrocarbon disposal operations at the site of the client meet these guidelines. There are many indicators that tell us about hydrocarbon contamination. These include requirements of diesel pill addictions and other hydrocarbon additions in the oil. Presence of visible hydrocarbons in the waste also indicates contamination. TAES has many methods to overcome the problem of contamination of drilling waste.