Environmental Consultancy Services from Tansley Associates

Caring for the environment

Tansley Associates Environmental Services Inc. has carved a niche for itself as a leader in the field of environmental consultancy services. TAES has been active in the field of environmental engineering and consultancy for the last few decades. It has been offering sound advice and consultancy to energy firms working in various sectors of economy. TAES has been able to develop a strong network of clients and valued relationships with experts and planners in the industry. These connections prove invaluable in overcoming hurdles during the planning and actual implementation of a project. Environmental consultancy is instrumental in ensuring compliance with the regulations imposed by the authorities in oil and gas and other energy sectors. Without these consultancy services, many energy projects being carried out by clients of TAES would come to a screeching halt. This is the reason why our clients value our services and treat us as their silent partners.

Salient features of environmental consultancy services of TAES

  1. Assessment of site before construction
  2. Services for management and disposal of drilling waste
  3. Services for phased environmental site assessment (ESA)
  4. Environmental impact assessment (EIA)
  5. Data and information management in the field of geomatics
  6. Making an environmental model that encompasses the following
  • Assessment of noise created by implementation of the project
  • Assessment of quantity of particles dispersed in air
  • Model for assessment of groundwater at the site of the project
  • Generalized risk assessment and specific risk assessment

7. Services for environment protection and compliance with regulations

  • Help in obtaining approval for permit under EPEA and Water Act
  • Soil and groundwater management program design and implementation and its approval under EPEA and Water Act
  • Preparing compliance report for environmental regulatory agency
  • Making an implementing program for obtaining certificate for remediation and reclamation