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Headquartered at Calgary, Canada, TAES (Tansley Associates Environmental Services Inc.) is one of the topmost companies providing services in the fields of consultancy and engineering. The company provides consultancy services and help in compliance with environmental regulations to not just Canadian but also foreign firms working in the field of energy. TAES has a strong and talented team of environmental scientists and engineers in addition to planners, supervisors, technicians and legal experts working in tandem all over Canada.

TAES has provided an invaluable contribution in the fields of pre site disturbance assessment (PDA), drilling waste management, conservation and reclamation (C&R), environmental site assessment (ESA), environmental impact assessment (EIA), and environmental regulation approval and compliance. TAES specializes in environmental protection and assessment of liability in oil and gas for the purpose of acquisition, merger, and divestiture all over Canada.

Tansley Associates Environmental Services Inc. is renowned for its capabilities in engineering optimization of the well site before its construction. It is also known for recovery of production in the cases of aging wells. Oil and gas wells have a life and they need precise environmental and engineering services when they approach end of life. TAES provides end life environmental and engineering services to its clients engaged in energy sec tors. It becomes important towards the end life of an oil and natural gas well to stick to sustainable production to cause minimum damage to the environment. This is where specialized services of TAES come handy for major players in the field of energy all over the world. TAES makes sure that its client is able to leave minimum carbon footprints behind and there is no ecological liability for it after the completion of the project.

Last but not the least; TAES also looks after sump sampling, land spraying, and project management for environment for its clients. These services help our clients in compliance with environmental regulations.

Our Projects



TAES managed the environmental operations in the Hatton area of southwestern Saskatchewan. The project involved the drilling and completion of approximately 1850 wells over the span of 3 years in an environmentally sensitive area. TAES provided water procurement, regulatory compliance, soil conservation, landowner relations and waste management for the project.

Medicine Hat

Medicine Hat Gas Critical Wildlife Monitoring- TAES developed a comprehensive and strategic wildlife monitoring plan for the City of Medicine Hat to complement the summer drilling program. The main focus was to minimize the impact on critical wildlife and ensure the project could progress sustainably.



TAES was retained to complete material and bore management for a technical and logistically demanding 1.3km, 48-inch diameter Horizontal Direction Drill (HDD) near Vancouver B.C.


Canadian Natural Resources LTD


TAES was the first company to receive approval to the land-spray drilling fluid in northeastern BC. Taes successfully managed over 150 wells during that drilling season and has continued to be trusted with these types of challenging projects.

Inter Pipeline Bow River


Pipeline Decommissioning – TAES provided environmental monitoring and waste management consulting for the 20 km of the Bow River pipeline. This pipeline runs directly under the City of Calgary from Tsu Tina under the Chinook Mall to Deerfoot Trail.

TAES offers a full range of equipment and environmental services for land-spraying, sump sampling, and environmental project management for any drilling program, pipeline project, contamination concern or general environmental compliance consultation.