Odorant Delivery Systems

Tansley Associates Environmental Services Inc. is one of the leading manufacturer and supplier of Odorization systems to the companies working in the oil and gas sector in Canada. The fact that it is a major distributor of Chevron Phillips, the largest chemical company in Canada, is a testimony to the excellent quality of odorants supplied by TAES to its clients. TAES has a super efficient delivery system in place to make sure that the quality of the odorant remains the same when delivered at the plant or site of the client.

TAES sticks to the strict protocols when carrying and delivering the odorants to the clients.  The company makes use of specialized equipment mounted on its bobtail trucks to safely transport and deliver the odorants without any mishap to the endpoint. All our clients remain sure that whether it is delivery of mercaptan or any other odorant to their facility or the Wellsite, they will get it safely with no compromise with its quality.

Our equipment used for storage and transportation of odorants is state of the art and subject to frequent inspection and rrigorous maintenance schedule. To make the delivery foolproof and 100% safe, our delivery trucks are accompanied by trained and experienced employees.

How does Tansley Associates ensure Chevron Phillips Chemical Company high quality odorant products remain high quality to the end point delivery.