Tansley Associates Environmental Engineering

Tansley Associates Environmental Services inc. has been in the business of making and supplying Odorization systems for more than half a century. In Western U.S and all over Canada, TAES is recognized as undisputed leader in supply and injection systems of odorants. Products and services offered by TAES are considered the best by major oil and gas companies in the country. Chevron Phillips Chemical Company has appointed TAES as its master distributor. This is a living proof of the highest quality of products and services of the company.

TAES has the distinction of being a service provider and a partner of most of the large and prominent oil and propane gas distributors in Canada. The company aims to maintain high standards of delivery and distribution services to its clients spread across diverse industries of the economy. The huge reservoir of experience of manufacturing and supplying Odorization systems for more than 50 years comes handy for the company in meeting its objectives.

Understanding the concept of Odorization

Gases like propane and natural gas have no odor of their own. In fact, they remain undetectable even when they are coming out of a well. Even though their inhalation does not cause harm to human beings, they remain highly volatile and thus hazardous to the workers at the wellsite. The odorant is a chemical used to help those working at the wellsite to easily identify the presence of these gases in the atmosphere. Odorants are added to odorless gases. These odorants make natural gas and propane pungent with an odor that is easily identifiable.

There are many companies involved in manufacture and supply of Odorization systems. But most energy companies prefer utilizing services from TAES as their services are very effective and highly reliable. TAES supplies Mercaptans, the industry name for odorants, to its clients to prevent mishaps at wellsite.