Odorized Material Decommissioning

Looking to dispose of your smelly old odorant system, piping, or containment? Let us take care of that!

While Odorization system is essential for any energy company involved with exploration and drilling, decommissioning of this system also becomes necessary after few years of use. Tansley Associates Environmental Services Inc. is the leader when it comes to manufacture and supply of Odorization systems for its clients.  It also helps its clients in getting rid of smelly old systems, piping, and all the other related material once a system has passed its lifecycle.

Tansley Associates Environmental Services, with its tons of experience in designing of Odorization systems, has developed effective techniques to dismantle and decommission the systems once they have served their life and purpose. It provides services for the decommissioning of these Odorization plants. These services are very popular among our clients as they can leave their decommissioned pipes and materials out in the open without any worries about harm to the environment.

It is not just the Odorization systems that need decommissioning. There are other things like odorant containment tanks and rail loading lines that also need decommissioning. TAES undertakes to has got the ware withal to make sure that odorized material, wherever it is inside the plant or the well site, gets cleaned and decommissioned for reuse once again.