Tansley Associates Environmental Services

Environmental Services of Tansley Associates in Oil and Gas Asset Management

Assets in Oil and Gas industry can be pretty expensive. Management of these assets becomes quite essential for the companies involved with oil and natural gas exploration and drilling. Tansley Associates has been providing assets management services to its clients in Canada and other parts of the world. Among all asset management companies in oil and gas sector, TAES has the most experienced professionals. These professionals make it smooth sailing as far as asset management for our clients is concerned.

Assets in oil and gas have a life cycle of liabilities that need to be discharged by the company over a period of time. TAES provides its expertise in this regard to enable its client to discharge its asset liabilities according to the regulations in place. These liabilities are discharged in three categories that are as follows.

  • Integrated asset management services for various stages of a project including acquisition, transaction, divestiture, merger, and transfer
  • Management services from the angle of environment and regulation for the construction of well site. These services are provided not just during drilling and production (primary, secondary and EOR stages), but also during end life closure as well as at the time when remediation and reclamation is carried out
  • Consultancy for discharging liability in the case of an aging oil field

Aging well is an asset that is often not fully utilized by oil and gas companies. TAES has developed techniques to make sure that product ion does not drop even in the case of aging wells for its clients. The company helps its clients to recover production from such aging wells by making sure that the integrity of good bore is established. TAES also carries out activities like plugging and lateral drilling to maintain levels of production from an aging well.

Asset management services of TAES are extremely popular as they help its clients in keeping wastage down to a minimum while ensuring high level of a product during all stages of a project.