Pipeline Leak Detection Services

Tansley Associates Environmental Services Inc. (TAES) is the leading environmental and engineering consultancy providing company in Canada. The company not only makes and supplies Odorization systems to its clients but also provides highest quality leak detection services. These services are geared to prevent any mishap at the Wellsite or the plant of the client. After decades of experience in the field of drilling waste disposal management, TAES has developed fool proof pipeline leak detection techniques. The company also deploys sniffer dogs for this purpose to make sure no leakage goes undetected at the place of the client. After all, it is a matter of grave concern and can lead to a mishap causing harm to life and property.

TAES removes stress and worries from the mind of the client by providing foolproof pipeline leak detection services. This service has been appreciated by the clients as it is quick and efficient. Rather than taking days and weeks to complete leak detection in every pipe and section of the plant, we take only a few hours to save your time and also hard earned money. No more delayed projects and cost overruns for the clients as they can get pipeline leak detection carried out by us in a quick and efficient manner by us at reasonable prices.