Tansley Associates Environmental Services

Wellsite Construction Engineering Optimization

Construction of a Wellsite is a very crucial stage of oil recovery for any oil and Natural Gas Company. It is like laying the foundation stone of a building to be constructed later on. Tansley Associates Environmental Services Inc. provides complete Wellsite construction services. It all starts with the creation of a detailed Wellsite plan by the company. TAES, having loads of experience in designing plans of Wellsite construction for its clients in the field of energy, provides a Wellsite construction plan that is fully functional. This construction plan is based upon the following.

  • TAES carries out a detailed study of the environmental conditions at the site where the well is to be constructed. The design method used by TAES for Wellsite is unitary and very intensive. The company also makes every effort to optimize the environmental conditions at the Wellsite. TAES has the expertise as well as the necessary paraphernalia to assess the geotechnical conditions. This assessment guides our construction plan for the Wellsite. We also make a detailed plan for drilling waste management at the time of Wellsite plan construction. Targeted petroleum zone is identified and marked to optimize Wellsite.
  • TAES indulges in a vigorous screening process to make sure that Wellsite construction is environmentally sustainable. Geotechnical conditions are kept into consideration all this while so that overall quality of oil and natural gas assets remains maintained even after a long time after the commencement of the project.
  • All Wellsite plans made by TAWS are provided in the form of engineering drawings. These drawings can be kept in digital form as they are made using computer programs such as AutoCAD and ArcGIS. TAES provides full support to the client even after Wellsite construction plan has been handed over. This includes solving the queries of the client anytime during the construction stage to remove the problems.